I use Google Analytics to analyze site traffic. This helps me keep a track of all the content that receives views and shares. With analytics, I’m able to see:

  • How many people visit my blog?
  • How do my visitors find me?
  • What blog posts are they checking out?
  • Are they reading the posts they click on?
  • Do they stick around for more than one post?
  • How many come back again after the first visit?
  • What are my visitors like?
  • What type of devices are they viewing my site on?
  • Am I meeting my goals?
  • How can I get better results?

My site has enabled options of

  • respectDoNotTrack
  • anonymizeIP

which will make the data very generalized. I won’t be able to find anything about a particular user.

That includes demographic information like age and gender breakdowns, as well as the geographic locations of my visitors, and interests their browsing habits reveal. This data can help me understand my readers a little better, and ensure the content that I create effectively speaks to them.