Analog in a digital world

Analog in a digital world

Sometimes, I find myself looking backwards nostalgically of what I enjoyed as a kid and I realize that it can be superior for my situation even though the newer technology makes things easier.

What about playlists?

I decided to get into records as my wife and I were getting tired of playlists. We were watching tv and saw a person with a lot of records. It looked like a lot of fun, and we also didn’t want to be looking at screens late at night because of trying to keep them at a minimum for my daughter so she goes to bed easier and having something that just played music really appealed to us.

Your record will always exist

The other issue is that streaming songs makes it so you’re relying upon Spotify or Amazon Music to always have that artist or that song.

You can find some major deals

There is a resurgence going on where vinyl has become popular again so new records are coming out constantly, but the cool thing is is that you could go to a thrift shop and possibly pick up several older albums for under ten dollars. I managed to get a 4 disk best hits collection for only 5 bucks and it was in perfect quality.

It forces you to slow down and listen

With a playlist, I would be constantly moving to different songs, but if I have a record on, I just usually let it play from the beginning. Sure, I might sometimes move the needle to get to a certain song, but I’ve found, I have enjoyed listening more to whole albums then going from different songs in a playlist.

So you’ve given up on playlists then?

No, especially when I’m working on something on the computer, I"ll listen then. If I’m just relaxing after work, or I’m cooking, I’ve found that I prefer records.

Is it worth it?

In our opinion, definitely. We love the quality and my daughter likes listening to the albums and looking at the records spin. It feels nice actually holding something in my hand and having something dedicated for just music means we can be free with our computers otherwise. If you’re getting tired of playlists, why not check out a record?

How I feel when listening