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Colossal Cave 3d

Colossal Cave 3d

So this blog is also to discuss technologies that I grew up with and how that shapes me today. It has been revealed that former game developers Roberta and Ken Williams1 have come back to game development from 25 years ago. They ran a video game company called Sierra On-line (later changed to Sierra Entertainment). There were rumors and then it was eventually confirmed that they were working on a new PC/VR game. People were curious. Would this be a new intellectual property, or maybe a reboot of an older Sierra title that they somehow got the license for. It actually turned out to be Colossal Cave Adventure, the game that inspired Roberta to create Mystery House, the first adventure game with graphics.

I do hope it sells well. It’s interesting to update a text adventure game because now the computer graphics are competing with what you envisioned in your mind from reading the text.

8 year old me always loved seeing this logo. I can still hear the Sierra intro music!

My memories of Sierra reaches far back to the Hackintosh computer that we had 2 were of my brother and I playing the Leisure Suit Larry series, King’s Quest series, Space Quest series, and my favorite, the Gabriel Knight series. The graphics and music3 seemed much more adult at the time compared to the video game consoles that I was playing. Playing these games is what got my brother and I into computers at an early age. Yes, we probably would have gotten into it without the games, but we were able to let our minds wander with the stories.

Because of that nostalgia, along with the fact that Ken and Roberta were very different game designers then other companies at the time2, I am intrigued by Colossal Cave 3D and I’m excited to see where they are headed next. I know that they won’t have access to their old IP (Unless Microsoft and them do some sort of deal), but I’m hoping that a passion is burning and that they’d like to at least make one or two more games.

You can actually play the original Collosal Cave Adventure here!

  1. Ken and Roberta Williams were the founders of Sierra-Online. You can read more here: ↩︎

  2. They were rebels where they’d take risks. Ken approved the first Space Quest game from a simple demo. ↩︎ ↩︎

  3. Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father’s main theme: ↩︎